OÜ Shenon Invest
Kullassepa 4-16
Tallinn 10146
(+372) 58 141168

Noi siamo

Our company was born in 2003 just  before the real estate boom in Estonia.

We had an eclectic approach, always looking for the best opportunities a given market and time can offer.

Manor houses, detailled plan land, single units and residential blocks,

 in the capital Tallinn, in secondary cities and in undescovered rural areas.

We managed with good timing to liquidate our investments during the boom years of 2006 and 2007

and to turn them in the only European market stable increasing after 2008 doom.

Since then our  our main focus is the East German market particularly in Berlin, Görlitz, Magdeburg,

Our team include higlhly educated Managers with Phd,MBA,Master degrees in quantitative , international, economics subjects.

Our strategy is to spot underpriced investment objects and by an attentive and original managment ,

adding value to the property and market them .