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Why to choose Germany? Why to choose Berlin?

As professional investors we always have to ask ourselves how we can at best allocate our assets.

Of course are important the expectations about the return on the investment but even more the certainty of this return connected with the country risk, lenght of the investment and managment efforts demanded. 

Time to time, especially before autumn 2008,  fellow real estate and investments collegues talk about great possibility in far unknown countries or development site or business made out of "insider tips" with great bancking leverage.

Economical crisis is teaching us a great lesson about the risk/reward  relation in stock exchange and real estate sector as well, especially when the prices have been far from the "fair value".

In nowadays Eurozone investors does not have many solid choices where to invest:

financial investments can be good but can be bad as recent past tell us

bonds sometimes can preserve us from inflation, short term one even not

real estate, usually high prices, low yeld , big taxes and management troubles.

Is there a real estate market in Europe offering us safety,low price, good yearly return and really good capital gain expectation in the medium-long run?

We find it in Germany and we are glad. If your expectations are the same of a professional investor Germany is the location for you too.