OÜ Shenon Invest
Kullassepa 4-16
Tallinn 10146
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Founded in 2004, Shenon Invest OÜ provides comprehensive integrated real estate and investment management expertise on a local, regional and global level to owners and investor clients.

Shenon Invest OÜ has established strategic partnerships with banks, brokerage agencies and real estate developers in Germany, Eastern Europe and Nordic Countries.

The focus is mainly on period properties (Altbau) located in central / semi-central residential areas, where there is a potential for developing the property through active management.

The  investment strategy is opportunistic and properties are bought for immediate re-sale as well as for medium-term ownership.

The company continuosly scans the market to spot underpriced assets and is able to take quick investment decisions, by deploying either own equity or third parties funds at short notice.

The sale of the Shenon Invest  properties is handled by a limited number of selected sales partners that covers a 360 degrees customer group.

 The properties can be purchased as stand alone objects or as part of larger packages.

Thank you for visiting our webpages, we are looking forward to support you in the investment decision-making process.