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Property » Helmstedter str., Magdeburg

Helmstedter str., Magdeburg Helmstedter str., Magdeburg Helmstedter str., Magdeburg Helmstedter str., Magdeburg Helmstedter str., Magdeburg Helmstedter str., Magdeburg Helmstedter str., Magdeburg


House, Renovated, 612m2

Price: 495000.00(810.00 € / m2)


 * broker fee: the buyer will pay the commission of 7,14%  to be added  to the purchase price

 Description of the city:

 Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anhalt and next to Halle (234,000 inhabitants) it is the second biggest town in this federal state. It is located at the river Elbe. Even it is an diocesan town for Protestants as well as for Catholics, 86% of the people living there are without any religious denomination. Among the 50 biggest towns of Germany, Magdeburg owns the second highest part in green corridors.
The Saxony-Anhalt region, and especially the centralElbe (Mittelelbe) and the Capital Magdeburg, are among the most important logistic centers in Europe.
Besides its key position in central Europe and the proximity to the new markets of the Eastern Europe, Magdeburg offers significant location and competitive advantages due to its excellent and highly modern traffic infrastructure, connecting the city to both Berlin and Hannover in about one hour over one of the largest German highways.
Deutsche Bahn AG will further invest 100M € in the next 5 years to develop the city as an hub for rail transport over East and West Germany.
Population: 230,000
Square kilometres: 200.97
Cities nearby: Leipzig (515,000 inhabitants) 125 km south-eastern,
                        Hanover (518,000 inhabitants) 140 km western,
                        Berlin (3,400,000 inhabitants) 150 km north-eastern.
Magdeburg`s location in Europe is very central. Its domestic port owns the longest boat bridge of Europe. The city has best requirements for companies that make a point of logistics and being close to a harbour. In the northern part of the city is direct access to a highway as well as to the railway.
One big economic sector of Magdeburg is mechanical and plant engineering, another one wood-processing industry. 
Railway: The central station is a link within the railway line Hanover-Leipzig.
Local public transport: Twelve tram lines, 14 bus lines and two ferry boats are existing.
Air traffic: The airport of Magdeburg is located 5 km south of the town´s centre. The next passenger airport is Leipzig/Halle which can be reached via a direct intercity train.
The Otto-von-Guericke-University was founded of three already existing faculties in 1993. More than 12,000 students are enrolled.
The university of applied sciences Magdeburg-Stendal was founded in 1991. In total 6,600 students are enrolled. 4,800 in Magdeburg and 1,800 in Stendal (55 km away).
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Magdeburg official web page http://www.magdeburg.de/index.phtml